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Global Investment Research

Our Global Investment Research provides in-depth market insight and analysis to clients for their investment and trading decisions.


Quarterly Reports

Our quarterly reports consist of updates to your economic and financial market outlook and investment strategy, while keeping clients informed of any important opportunities and risks within the global macroeconomic environment.

Market Commentary

Our market commentary, based on our quantitative asset allocation models, current events, technical analysisi, and news flow, provides clients with our commentary on major changes in the global economy and financial markets (e.g. ad hoc articles and posts, charts, tweets, etc.).

Thematic Reports

Our thematic reports focus on original investment topics, ideas, and themes on significant developments occuring across global economies, the global financial markets, and global asset classes.

Trade Ideas

Our trade ideas focus on providing “top-down” trade ideas for medium-to-long term position trading, based on our  quantitative allocation models, and the “Macro Market Trifecta”:

  • “Macro Market Trifecta”

    1. Fundamental Analysis
    2. Technical Analysis
    3. Sentiment Analysis

Through our Global Investment Research, we blend macroeconomic research with our analysis of the global financial markets and asset class structure, to help investors find international investment opportunities.

Lenoy Dujon,

Founder and Chief global macro investment strategist

Global Investment Research

Financial Education

Financial education for the global investor

Market Commentary

The latest commentary on developments and themes within the global economy and the financial markets

Trade Ideas

Our latest position trade ideas across the global asset class structure

Global Macro Research

Investment research reports for today’s global investor

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