Land of the Rising Funds - Japanese Foreign Investment Trends


Land of the Rising Funds - Japanese Foreign Investment Trends


As Japanese companies face sluggish growth and an ageing population at home, many firms are going abroad to access faster growing markets.

Find out which markets and economies Japanese firms are investing in as they search for growth.

Why Should You Download This Report?

  • To identify the current trends encouraging Japan's international investments.
  • To identify the countries, economies, and industries that are attracting, and benefiting from, Japanese investment.
  • To gain competitive knowledge over market participants.
  • To develop new investment ideas and/or business strategies to capitalize on these trends.

What Questions Will This Report Answer?

  • Where are Japanese firms investing their capital in their search for growth?
  • What market opportunities have emerged from these trends?
  • What economies and markets should investors and businesses target to take advantage of the "Asian Century"?

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