Model Portfolios and Trade Recommendations


Since you are using the Economics Global Inc. (referred to as Economics Global herein and throughout) Global Macro Asset Allocation Services websites, you will come across our model portfolios and trade recommendations that are offered to our clients and subscribers. 

Any model portfolios, and/or trade recommendations, contained within the Services are intended to be an educational tool and a starting point for investors with which to make their own portfolio decisions on their own merit, and/or with the help of an advisor. Employees of Economics Global may own positions in ETFs/funds and/or financial securities that are held within any recommended model portfolio, and/or for trade recommendations. There is no requirement or need for subscribers to follow any model portfolio, and/or trade recommendations, as presented. They can be used, adapted and/or changed as the subscriber in accordance with their personal investment preferences, risk tolerance, investment goals, and/or investment horizon.

Aside from management expense ratios/management fees and/or trading commissions, on any underlying ETFs/funds and financial securities (none of which Economics Global is a beneficiary of), Economics Global does not receive or charge any fees on the model portfolios, and/or trade recommendations, aside from the standard annual subscription fee to access our services.

Subscribers are notified of any changes to the model portfolios and trade recommendations via e-mail. These changes could be re-balancing related or additions or removals from a model portfolio, or the purchase or sale of financial securities based on trade recommendations. Economics Global and related services cannot be held responsible for e-mails that are missed and/or not received. It is up to the subscriber to ensure their e-mail information is up to date.

As part of their subscription, and within the confines of their purchased subscription plan, subscribers can request to change their selected model portfolios once a month, starting one month after their initial purchase date, by e-mailing our Customer Service Department at In doing so, subscribers will get access to the new selected portfolios, at the expense of their current selected portfolios. Otherwise, they will continue to have access to the model portfolios selected upon initial registration, until they decide to cancel their plan.

Our model portfolios and trade recommendations focus on global equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, real estate, and real assets, primarily expressed through, but limited to, ETFs and equities, and cater to standard investor types (Growth, Balanced, and Income). It is up to the subscriber to determine which model portfolio, and/or trade recommendation, if any, are appropriate for their investment goals, investment horizon, and risk tolerance, and how best to use them. Our model portfolios and trade recommendations are monitored regularly, and changes to these model portfolios and trade recommendations are notified to subscribers via e-mail and/or site updates.

Model Portfolio Construction and Trade Recommendations 

Economics Global is responsible for the creation and monitoring of our model portfolios. Our respective model portfolios take a quantitative, concentrated approach to investing with target weights dependent upon current market activity and unbiased recommendations from our quantitative models.

​Portfolio re-balancing is done on a quantitative basis. We strive to maintain low cash balances, and to be fully investment in our portfolio allocations, however cash balances are dependent on opportunities we see for the model portfolios, both on a discretionary and quantitative basis. New holdings into model portfolios, or any re-balancing will be communicated via e-mail and/or on the website. 

​Economics Global is also responsible for the generating trade ideas for our trade recommendations. Our respective trade recommendations are based technical analysis, in conjunction with fundamental and quantitative analysis,and are dependent upon current market activity.

​Additional Information 

While there is no minimum amount required to invest in any of these model portfolios, we typically suggest an amount of $25,000 is a good point to start. We recommend this amount, as this mitigates risks of transaction costs reducing potential returns. Of course it is acknowledged that the right portfolio amount is dependent upon the individual.

​There are no ongoing fees charged by Economics Global for access to our portfolios, aside form the monthly/annual subscription fee in order to view and access the holdings. ETFs and/or funds within our model portfolios will have their own respective management expense rations/fees that are charged. While we take fees and costs into consideration, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to understand the fee structure of items within the model portfolios.

​Model portfolios and trade recommendation returns are tracked and provided for subscribers to see. While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the returns of our model portfolios and trade recommendations on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis, the returns are unofficial and not audited by a third party. Economics Global cannot guarantee the reliability of returns, and will not be held liable if the returns are found to be erroneous. Further, past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes and/or returns in terms of the performance of our model portfolios and trade recommendations.

​Model portfolios and trade recommendations are meant to be an educational tool to help users understand portfolio management concepts, and act as a foundation and/or starting point for building one’s own portfolio. Subscribers must understand that any model portfolios and trade recommendations made available on any of our Services are for informational purposes only. They are not to be used or construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or an endorsement, or sponsorship of any entity, security and/or financial asset. It is imperative and recommended that you conduct your own due diligence before buying or selling any security and/or financial asset, and/or following any model portfolio and/or trade recommendation in any manner. In no way, shape or form is any of our model portfolios and trade recommendations provided by Economics Global intended to be construed as a recommendation of how any individual should manage and/or structure their own portfolio(s). 

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