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Economics Global is a global investment research and macro strategy firm focused on developing multi-asset investment strategies, unique global economic and financial market insights, and actionable portfolio and asset allocation recommendations to navigate today’s financial markets and economic trends.

Our Global Macro Investment Research and Asset Allocation Services are created through a global macro, top-down lens, via a broad mandate that encompasses a variety of global financial markets, international economies, and global asset classes.

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Institutional Clients

Institutional Clients receive full access

  • Service Offerings:

    • Market Commentary and Thematic Reports
    • Quarterly Macro Outlook
    • Model Portfolios
    • Trade Ideas
    • Investment Consultation

Market Commentary and Reports

Our market commentary and reports focus on timely themes, trends, and developments within the global financal markets, global economic environment, and geopolitical landscape to find uncover actionable investment ideas.

Model Portfolios

Updates of our Model Portfolios from both an asset allocation perspective, as well as a review of current portfolio holdings.

Economics Global Portfolio Solutions

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Trade Ideas

Top-down global trade ideas, based on our quantitative models and the “Market Trifecta”, across the global asset class structure.

  • Market Trifecta:

    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Technical Analysis

Quarterly Global Macro Outlook

Our quarterly reports examine the latest developments and trends within the global economy and financial markets, as well as investment opportunities in the framework of the broader economic landscape and asset class structure.

Investment Consultation

Tailored client services to provide actionable investment consultations and asset recommendations for institutional investors.

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“Economics Global guides our investment strategies by providing us with a “Top-Down Framework” to give us a better understanding of how macro events provide us with actionable investment ideas.”​

Managing Director, New York-Based Hedge Fund

“Economics Global is a great resource to keep tabs on the latest developments within the international economy and the global financial markets. Their research helps me capture timely investment opportunities for my clients.” 

Portfolio Manager, London-Based Asset Management Firm

“Through Economic Global’s market commentary and model portfolios, I’m able to find trade ideas across various assets that is aligned with my trading strategy, in order to boost my returns and grow my trading account.”​

Director, Dubai-Based Investment Advisory Firm

“Economics Global helps to streamline the investment research process across various asset classes, so that I can spend more time adding value for my clients.”​

Wealth Advisor, Tokyo-Based Wealth ManagementFirm

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