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At Economics Global Inc., we are well aware of the potential conflicts in the investment industry, and take them very seriously. We also do not receive payment to cover or issue reports on any companies or funds. Since we still need to be able to invest for ourselves, and enjoy the art of investing, employees at Economics Global Inc. are allowed to trade in global ETF’s, mutual funds, equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies, traded in the North American and in international markets. In this event, we do not, we do not require trading restrictions on the aforementioned financial securities, but employees are encouraged to disclose changes they plan on making within 48 hours of a published opinion.

General Disclosure Policy:

  • When we provide reports, commentary, and/or model portfolio recommendations, we will plainly disclose any financial or other interest that we have at the end of the report, commentary, and/or model portfolio.

    • In the case of the provision of filters, lists and/or general headline/news summaries, disclosure of a position is not required, unless we specifically address a holding within the list that we have an interest in.

    • From time to time, third-parties may provide content to Economics Global Inc.. In these cases such as these, the respective third-party are to disclose any financial or other interest they may have at the time of writing at the end of their content.

    • In general, if a formal opinion or report is published, any positions or interest are to be disclosed at the end of the subject matter.

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